An Australian company that produces clothing and other apparel that
are based on the artistic designs of Dion Beasley, Tennant Creek, NT

Dion's Story

Cheekydog  is the artwork of Northern Territorian Aboriginal youth Dion Beasley. Dions’ country is near the remote community of Canteen Creek (Owairtilla) located south-east of Tennant Creek. Dion is profoundly deaf and has reduced mobility due to muscular dystrophy, however he has overcome these challenges and communicates with the world through his visual representations of community life.

Dion drawing dogsDion with author Johanna and Malcolm


Dion possesses keen observational skills and draws animals, primarily dogs whose personalities are, put simply, quite cheeky! Through his drawings, Dion can convey emotions and stories of life as it unfolds before him. The more Dion draws, the more the artist emerges into a mature, insightful young man, with a cheeky streak which has captured the heart of many! youth Dion Beasley. 


Dion's art enables him to connect with people across Australia and from all age groups.  This year has seen Dion successfully launch a childrens story book “Too Many Cheeky Dogs” written by Johanna Bell and illustrated by Dion. The book has been so popular that it sold out after it's first print!


During 2012, Dion was one of the twelve artists from across Australia whose work featured in the Primevera exhibition, held at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.  For those who are visiting Darwin you can view and purchase some of Dion's work at the Nomad Art Gallery.

Dion loves feeding his favourite dogs whose names are Ralph, Bessie and Trouble. Dion loves to swim and he gets to the pool pretty much everyday. He also enjoys drawing and watching movies on Youtube about dogs and other animals, however frogs would be his least favourite animal as they give him the creeeeeeeps !!!